Optimize Your Compressor Installation Needs


The key to efficiently switching drivers is the over-running clutch and proprietary programming connecting the natural gas engine and the electric motor to the compressor. With the push of a button, the drivers switch load back and forth in less than one minute with no interruption of flow.


Dual Drive Technologies™ offers compressor packages designed to increase the amount of emission sources on a single facility by reducing NOx emissions based on driver run time in a year.


Dual Drive Technologies™ provides for 100% ownership of the compressor package through a licensing agreement for the use of the technology of the Dual Drive Technologies™ Patents. Additionally, Dual Drive Technologies™ can be selected for the QSE for your energy management within the ERCOT systems, which allows the management of the fuel cost and electric surcharges by switching drivers during peak market pricing.

Explore the Power of the Dual Drive


Dual Drive's compression technology is unique to the industry. The patented design is credited as the most efficient design in the marketplace due to the powerful combination of a natural gas engine and an electric motor. Both drivers are capable of individually powering the compressor off the same shaft.


The customer has the ability to set enforceable runtime limits for permitting which allows for greater site flexibility and facility design. In addition to reduced site emissions, Dual Drive Technologies™ is recognized by the GPA Midstream Association, EPA and the TCEQ as a leader in emission reductions and greenhouse gases.


With the ability to switch from natural gas to electric motor without loss of throughput, the Dual Drive system stays online due to the unique design of both motor and engine on one single shaft during maintenance intervals. Dual Drive has an industry leading 99% runtime in multiple types of installation service.


Yearly routine and ongoing maintenance costs on the natural gas engine driver are drastically reduced along with longer intervals of required major overhauls. Additional savings are recognized by choosing the fuel or power source with the most advantageous market price to your bottom line.



Dual Drive compression technology offers a hybrid natural gas compression solution that reduces greenhouse gas emissions through a patented system capable switching between an electric motor and a natural gas engine. This unique compression system significantly reduces the burden on the electrical grid, particularly during severe weather events and peak usage periods.